Who Owns Thompson Center

Thompson Center is owned by Smith & Wesson, a subsidiary of American Outdoor Brands Corporation. Founded in 1965, Thompson Center Arms was originally owned by K.W. Thompson Tool Company and sold to the Numrich family in 1967. The company has since changed hands a few times until it was acquired by Smith & Wesson in 2007.

Thompson Center Arms, a division of Smith & Wesson, is the proud owner of Thompson Center. Founded in 1965, this company has been providing quality firearms and accessories to hunters and shooters for over fifty years. With their innovative designs and dedication to craftsmanship, they have become one of America’s leading manufacturers in centerfire handguns and rifles.

Their primary focus is on offering products designed for hunting, competition shooting, law enforcement/military use, self-defense applications as well as recreational shooting needs. They are committed to excellence in product design while ensuring that their products meet the highest standards when it comes to safety and reliability.

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What Happened Thompson/Center

Thompson/Center Arms was founded in 1965 and is known for its contribution to the development of muzzleloaders, single-shot pistols, and black powder rifles. It has had a long history of success as one of America’s leading firearms manufacturers, producing some of the highest quality weapons available. In 2007, Smith & Wesson acquired Thompson/Center Arms from its original owner K.W. Thompson Tool Company Inc., and continues to produce many popular models today.

Who is Thompson Center Owned By?

Thompson Center is owned by Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, a publicly-traded company based in Springfield, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1965 and has since become one of the most recognizable names in gun manufacturing and firearms accessories. Thompson Center produces rifles, handguns, muzzleloaders, shotguns and archery equipment for hunters and sport shooters around the world.

As part of the Smith & Wesson family of brands, Thompson Center products are backed by a long history of quality craftsmanship that spans over 50 years. With its cutting-edge designs and reliable performance under any conditions, it’s no wonder why so many have come to rely on Thompson Center for their shooting needs.

Who Bought Out Thompson Center Firearms?

Thompson Center Firearms, the American firearm manufacturer best known for their single-shot hunting rifles and pistols, was acquired in 2007 by Smith & Wesson. Founded in 1965 by K.W. Thompson, Thompson Center Arms had a long history of producing quality firearms that are lightweight yet powerful enough to handle all types of game animals. The company was purchased by Smith & Wesson after being on the market for some time due to financial trouble with its parent company at the time – Outers Companies Incorporated.

After acquiring the brand, Smith & Wesson kept many of the same models and styles while also introducing newer ones such as rimfire handguns and bolt-action centerfire rifles like their popular Dimension Rifle System which offers interchangeable barrels and stocks so you can customize your rifle to suit your needs perfectly.

Does Smith And Wesson Still Own Thompson Center?

Smith and Wesson is one of the oldest gun manufacturers in the United States, having been in business since 1852. But while they are still making guns today, they no longer own Thompson Center (T/C), which was acquired by another company in 2007. Smith and Wesson originally purchased T/C from Warren Center Arms Company for $48 million back in 1999 and had owned it for roughly 8 years until a private equity firm bought it away.

The acquisition allowed Smith and Wesson to diversify its product line beyond handguns into long guns such as shotguns and rifles, with T/C’s well-known products like Contender single shot pistols being particularly popular among hunters. Despite not owning Thompson Center anymore, Smith & Wesson continues to produce many of their signature firearms including revolvers, semi-automatic pistols, military contracts weapons systems and suppressors under their own banner – so you can rest assured that quality will remain high regardless of who owns what.

Does Ruger Own Thompson Center?

No, Ruger does not own Thompson Center. Thompson Center Arms is an American firearms company that has been producing firearms since the mid-1950s. The company was founded in 1965 by K.W. Thompson and originally based in Rochester, New York before moving to its current headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1971.

Since then, the company has become known for their single shot rifles and pistols as well as their muzzleloading firearms and modern sporting rifles (MSRs). Although both companies produce a variety of different types of guns, they are two separate entities that do not share ownership or have any other ties with one another aside from being gun makers.


Overall, it is clear that Thompson Center Arms Company was a successful business and still has an active presence today. It began under the vision of K.W. Thompson in 1965 and grew to become one of the most popular firearm brands in the world, making rifles, handguns, and muzzleloaders for hunting enthusiasts everywhere. Its history is full of interesting stories and its products have been used by countless sportsmen over the years.

While ownership may have changed hands several times since its founding, Thompson Center will remain an iconic name in firearms for generations to come.

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