Who Owns Tops Markets

Tops Markets LLC is a regional grocery store chain that operates in Western and Central New York, Northern Pennsylvania, and Vermont. It is owned by Morgan Stanley Private Equity (MSPE), an investment division of the financial services firm Morgan Stanley. MSPE acquired Tops in 2007 from Ahold USA Inc., which previously held ownership for 20 years.

The company has more than 170 stores employing over 14,000 associates across its locations. In addition to groceries, many stores offer pharmacies, deli counters and full-service bakeries as well as fuel centers at select locations.

Tops Markets is an American chain of supermarkets with more than 100 locations in upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Owned by the privately-held Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, Tops Markets has been a fixture in Upstate New York since 1962, when it was founded by Armand Castellani as The Economy Grocery Stores. Today, Tops continues to be an essential part of many local communities providing quality products at competitive prices.

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Who Owns Tops Markets

Tops Markets is a regional grocery store chain operating in upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The company was founded in 1962 by brothers Armand and William Castellani, who opened their first store on Main Street in Buffalo, NY. Since then the company has expanded to over 170 stores across the three states mentioned above.

As of 2021, Tops Markets is owned by private equity firm Morgan Stanley Private Equity (MSPE). MSPE acquired Tops from Ahold Delhaize USA for $310 million back in 2019. Under its new ownership, the supermarket chain has continued to expand with plans to open more than 20 additional locations throughout 2021.

In addition to expanding their physical presence, they have also made investments into e-commerce technology that allows customers to shop online or via mobile app and pick up orders at dedicated curbside pickup spots at select stores. With such significant growth potential under new ownership combined with an already established customer base across 3 different states it’s no surprise that Tops Markets continues to be a leader in the regional grocery market space!

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Where are Tops Markets Located

Tops Markets are located throughout the Northeastern and Midwestern United States. The chain operates over 150 stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Massachusetts. Tops also has a presence in Maryland and Vermont as well.

Many of their locations are conveniently located inside larger supermarkets such as Walmart or Target where shoppers can pick up groceries quickly and easily on their way home from work or school. Additionally, many locations feature a pharmacy for customer convenience. Customers can even order online for convenient pickup at select stores.

With so many convenient ways to shop at Tops Markets, it’s no wonder why they’ve become such an integral part of life in communities across the region!

Tops Markets Operates More Than 170 Supermarkets Throughout Upstate New York, Northern Pennsylvania, Vermont And Western Massachusetts

Tops Markets is a regional supermarket chain that has been proudly serving customers in Upstate New York, Northern Pennsylvania, Vermont and Western Massachusetts for over 70 years. Currently, the company operates more than 170 supermarkets throughout its four-state region. Tops offers an incredible selection of high-quality products at affordable prices and is committed to making sure that every customer has a great shopping experience.

From fresh produce grown locally to convenient meal solutions, Tops Markets strives to provide customers with everything they need for their daily lives. The company also works hard to support local communities and is dedicated to providing job opportunities while helping families save money through exclusive deals like MyMixx rewards program. With so many locations around the region there’s always a convenient place nearby where you can pick up what you need!


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What Services Do Tops Markets Offer

Tops Markets offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of customers. From weekly specials for groceries and household items, to convenient online shopping tools, Tops Markets makes it easy for customers to save money while stocking up on everything they need. Their loyalty program provides additional discounts as well as access to exclusive member-only events and promotions.

Tops Markets also has an in-store pharmacy with free prescription delivery options available in some locations. They offer curbside pickup at select stores and even have their own line of private label products that provide great quality at lower prices than name brands. With deli counters filled with freshly prepared meals, bakery sections full of treats, a large selection of wines and beers, plus specialty items like organic produce or gluten-free foods – there’s something for everyone at Tops Markets!

Tops Offers a Variety of Services Such As Online Ordering, Pharmacy Services, Fuel Rewards Program And Loyalty Programs to Provide Customers With an Enhanced Shopping Experience

Tops Markets is an American supermarket chain that offers a wide variety of services to make your shopping experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible. From their online ordering system, to their pharmacy services, fuel rewards program, and loyalty programs, Tops has you covered! With the ability to order groceries from your smartphone or laptop with just a few clicks, you can have your items delivered straight to your doorstep in no time.

Plus, when it comes time for prescription refills or other medical needs, Tops’ pharmacies are there with friendly customer service and free delivery if needed. And with the gas rewards program at participating locations across New York State and Pennsylvania you can get discounted gas just by shopping at any Tops store. Additionally they offer loyalty programs like MyTOPS which allows customers to save even more on their purchases while also keeping track of points earned through checkout coupons or special offers.

All these services work together seamlessly so customers can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience every time they visit a Tops Market location!


This blog post has shown that Tops Markets is a growing grocery store with a long and successful history. It is owned by Morgan Stanley, an investment banking firm, which has allowed the company to expand its operations across multiple states in the United States. As one of the largest regional supermarket chains in the country, Tops Markets offers competitive prices and quality products for customers.

The company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service ensures shoppers have access to fresh groceries at great prices every time they visit their local Tops Market store.

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