Who Owns Valero Gas Station

Valero Energy Corporation is the owner of Valero gas stations. It is an American oil and gas company based in San Antonio, Texas. Valero is one of the largest independent petroleum refiners and marketers in the world.

The company owns 15 petroleum refineries with a total atmospheric crude distillation capacity of approximately 3 million barrels per day and 9 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of 1.45 billion gallons per year, as well as retail fuel outlets across the United States and Canada. Valero also has renewable diesel manufacturing capabilities at its St Charles refinery in Louisiana, which produces up to 500-million gallons per year of low carbon intensity fuels from animal fats, used cooking oils and other feedstocks on an annual basis.

Valero Gas Station is one of the leading convenience store chains in North America and has been around since 1980. Valero is owned by a Fortune 500 company, also named Valero Energy Corporation, which was founded in 1980 as well. The company owns and operates 15 refineries throughout North America, with approximately 7,400 retail stores across the US and Canada.

They offer quality fuels such as gasoline and diesel products for customers at competitive prices. In addition to fuel services, Valero provides convenience store items like snacks, beverages, tobacco products and automotive supplies at their locations making them a popular stop for many drivers on the road today!


Who Owns Valero Gas Station near Pflugerville, Tx

The Valero gas station near Pflugerville, TX is owned by Valero Energy Corporation. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Valero is the largest independent petroleum refiner and marketer of transportation fuels in North America. This particular location has been a part of the community for many years and provides quality fuel to its patrons at competitive prices.

Who is the Parent Company of Valero?

Valero is a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest independent petroleum refiner, with operations in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, United Kingdom and Ireland. The parent company of Valero is Valero Energy Corporation. The publicly-traded corporation has its headquarters located in San Antonio, Texas; it was founded by Joseph Seep in 1980 after he purchased a small refinery near Corpus Christi.

In 1981 they began selling gasoline under the Diamond Shamrock brand name before rebranding to Valero Energy Corporation in 1997 when they became an independent energy company. Since then, the company has acquired several other companies including Ultramar Diamond Shamrock (2001), Premcor Refining Group (2005) and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (2012). Today Valero operates 15 refineries around North America and produces approximately 3 million barrels per day of gasoline as well as diesel fuel, jet fuel and petrochemicals for use across multiple industries.

As part of their commitment to sustainability practices that help reduce emissions from their operations while protecting local air quality through advanced technologies such as catalytic hydrodesulfurization; they are also working on transitioning away from traditional fossil fuels towards renewable sources of energy like solar power.

Is Valero a Russian Gas Company?

No, Valero is not a Russian gas company. It is an American multinational fuel manufacturing and marketing company that has its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. The company was founded in 1980 as a spin-off of Coastal States Gas Corporation with the help of Morgan Stanley.

As of 2021, it operates 16 refineries throughout North America and Europe, producing more than 2 million barrels per day (BPD). Valero also owns 10 ethanol plants and two lubricant plants in the United States and Canada. In addition to refining operations, they have large retail networks across the US and Canada under various names such as Diamond Shamrock or Ultramar.

They are one of the world’s largest independent petroleum refiners with their products sold in over 6500 retail locations worldwide including convenience stores like Circle K or 7-Eleven as well as other major retailers such as Walmart or Costco.

Where Does Valero Get Their Gas From?

Valero is one of the largest fuel suppliers in the United States, providing gasoline and other petroleum products to customers across the country. The company sources its gas from a variety of places, including domestic refineries and global markets. Valero’s refining network consists of 16 active refineries located throughout North America with a combined capacity to process over 3 million barrels per day.

Additionally, Valero has access to crude oil from various countries around the world, allowing them to offer competitively priced products in all their markets. In addition to sourced crude oil, Valero also produces biofuel such as biodiesel and renewable diesel at five of their refineries using biomass feedstocks like soybean oil or animal fats that are converted into clean burning fuels for use in vehicles or power plants. With an expansive range of sources for their gasoline supply chain – both domestically and abroad – Valero is able to meet customer needs while ensuring affordability for consumers everywhere.

Is Valero Part of Bp?

No, Valero is not part of BP. Valero Energy Corporation is a Fortune 500 international manufacturer and marketer of transportation fuels, other petrochemical products, and power. It has headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, United States and operates 15 petroleum refineries with a combined throughput capacity of over 3 million barrels per day (mbpd) in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Valero also owns 11 ethanol plants with a combined production capacity of 1.73 billion gallons per year. However it should be noted that despite having similar names – BP (British Petroleum) & Valero – they are completely unrelated companies operating separately within their respective industries; there is no affiliation between them whatsoever.


In conclusion, Valero is a large and successful gas station chain that is owned by the Valero Energy Corporation. While there are many independent owners of single locations, most are owned directly by the corporation itself. As one of the largest oil refiners in North America, it’s no surprise that they have such a large presence when it comes to gas stations as well.

Their success has allowed them to expand their reach far beyond the United States and into parts of Europe, South America, and Asia.

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