Who Owns Woodmen Circle Home Sherman Tx

Woodmen Circle Home Sherman, TX is owned by the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society. The property was donated to Woodmen in 1920 and it has been used for various purposes since then. It serves as a home for elderly members of Woodmen and also provides short-term care for those who need it due to illness or disability.

In addition, it houses an educational facility known as “The Learning Center” which offers career training courses, computer classes, health seminars, and other activities to help members gain life skills. There are also recreational facilities such as an outdoor pool and tennis courts available at Woodmen Circle Home Sherman TX.

The historic Woodmen Circle Home in Sherman, TX has been the property of the Woodmen of the World organization since its founding in 1900. The building has served as a home for many members and families over the years, providing them with a safe haven away from their everyday lives. Today, this beautiful old mansion is still owned by Woodmen of the World and remains an important part of Texas history.

Exploring Woodmen’s Circle Home | Sherman Texas

Woodmen Circle Home Demolition

The Woodmen Circle Home in Sherman, Texas is an iconic landmark that has served as a reminder of the area’s rich history for over 100 years. Unfortunately, the building had fallen into disrepair and was deemed unsafe by city officials, leading to its demolition in October 2020. The site will be preserved and transformed into a historic park with walking trails and interpretive displays to honor the historical significance of this important structure.

Who Owns Woodmen’S Circle Home?

The Woodmen’s Circle Home is owned by the Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, a fraternal benefit society founded in 1890. The home was built in 1921 and has been a source of pride for members ever since. The Gothic Revival style home is located in Sherman, Texas and consists of three stories with an approximate total area of over 170,000 square feet.

It serves as both a museum to commemorate the original organization’s history as well as a retirement community for its members who wish to live on-site. One interesting feature of this building is that it contains 44 bedrooms, each designed differently from one another based on different themes like Spanish Colonial or Victorian era décor. Today, Woodmen’s Circle Home continues to be operated by the same non-profit organization that funded it nearly 100 years ago and provides quality care services for elderly residents while preserving part of America’s historical heritage at the same time.

What is the History of the Woodmen Circle Home?

The Woodmen Circle Home is a historic landmark located in Sherman, Texas. Originally built as a retirement home for members of the Woodmen of the World fraternal organization, it was completed in 1924 and operated until 1983. It was designed by architect Henry Trost, who drew inspiration from Gothic Revival architecture to create an iconic building that became known as “the castle on the hill.”

The facility included living quarters for residents, along with recreational areas such as bowling alleys and swimming pools. During its time in operation, over 3,000 elderly people were cared for at the home. In 1989, after remaining dormant since its closure just six years prior, it was purchased by local businessman Ken Grant who renovated and restored much of the property which had fallen into disrepair due to neglect and vandalism during its vacancy period.

In 1993 some parts of the complex were opened up for public use including two museums dedicated to preserving artifacts about Woodman history and activities throughout their peak years between 1910-1930s – when they boasted a membership total of nearly 1 million people nationwide! Today visitors can explore this unique piece of American history while learning more about fraternal organizations past & present through touring exhibits within both museums housed inside these walls; making sure everyone has access to this special part of our nation’s heritage preserved forever!

What is Sherman Tx Known For?

Sherman, Texas is a small city in north-central Texas located along the Red River. It is known for its rich history, unique culture, and vibrant downtown area. Founded in 1846 as part of Fannin County, Sherman was once home to several Native American tribes and served as an important stop on the Butterfield Overland Mail stagecoach line during the 1850s.

Today, it’s a popular destination for outdoor recreation such as hiking and kayaking at Lake Texoma or hunting in nearby Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge. The downtown district features historic buildings like City Hall and Grayson County Courthouse that have been preserved since the early 1900s. Additionally, Sherman offers plenty of entertainment options including live music venues such as Music City Mall and Denison Live Theatre & Arts Center; art galleries like Gallery Main Street; boutique shopping districts like Downtown Sherman Arts District; recreational activities such as golfing at Tanglewood Golf Course; festivals throughout the year including Hot Summer Nights concert series; museums like Austin College’s Wynne Home Museum; wineries just outside town limits; plus delicious eateries serving up everything from classic Southern fare to modern Tex Mex cuisine—all making it one of North Texas’ most beloved cities.


This blog post has shown that Woodmen Circle Home in Sherman, Texas is owned by the non-profit organization, Woodmen of the World. The building is one of many examples of how this organization has enabled its members to leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy. Although it may have been forgotten over time, it still stands as a reminder of the commitment and dedication that members had for helping their communities during times of need and prosperity alike.

It serves as an important piece of history and will continue to do so for years to come.

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