Who Owns Cars Com

Cars.com is owned by a consortium of four automakers, namely Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Toyota Motor Corporation and American Honda Motor Co., Inc. The company was founded in 1998 when the four companies partnered to create an online automotive marketplace where consumers can research and shop for cars. Each automaker owns equal shares of Cars.com through their respective subsidiaries—Ford Motor Credit Company LLC (Ford), GM Financial (GM), Toyota Financial Services Corporation (Toyota) and American Honda Finance Corporation (Honda).

The ownership structure allows each automaker to have a say in how Cars.com operates without having full control over the business operations or influencing editorial content on the website.

Cars.com is one of the leading online automotive resources for car buyers and sellers, providing valuable information about new cars, used cars, auto dealerships, and more. The website was launched in 1998 as a partnership between Classified Ventures LLC (a joint venture between five major media companies) and Tribune Company. Cars.com offers research tools such as model comparisons, reviews from experts and car owners alike, price estimates on new or used vehicles, safety ratings and recalls data; plus advice on buying or selling a vehicle through its editorial team of automotive experts.

Who Owns What in the Automotive Industry?

Cars.Com Headquarters

Cars.com is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and was founded in 1998 to provide consumers with a trusted source for researching and buying cars online. Today, Cars.com has become the go-to destination for car shoppers nationwide, offering helpful tools like vehicle reviews and comparisons, videos, 360° photos of vehicles inside and out, expert advice from certified technicians and more.

What Companies are Owned by Cars Com?

Cars.com is owned by four leading media companies: Cox Automotive, TEGNA Inc., AIP Acquisition LLC and Graham Holdings Company. Cox Automotive is one of the world’s largest automotive technology companies and owns brands such as Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book, Manheim, vAuto and Xtime. TEGNA Inc., formerly known as Gannett Co., Inc., is a publicly traded company with broadcasting television stations throughout the United States.

AIP Acquisition LLC is an investment firm based in Chicago that holds several investments in various industries including automotive services and software providers. Finally, Graham Holdings Company (formerly The Washington Post Company) is a diversified education and media company that operates businesses such as Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions, Slate Magazine and SocialCode.

Is Cars Com a Reliable Site?

Cars.com is a renowned and highly reliable online destination for car shoppers. With their comprehensive search engine, you can easily find the perfect vehicle to fit your budget and needs. They offer detailed listings of new and used cars, including pricing information, features, photos, safety ratings, reviews from other car owners and more.

Their website also provides helpful tools such as payment calculators that help you determine what kind of financing options are available to you. In addition to helping you find the right vehicle for your lifestyle and budget, they have an extensive network of trustworthy dealerships throughout the country so you can get a great deal on the perfect car that meets all your requirements – no matter where in the US you may be located! Cars.com has been trusted by millions of people over years because it is one of the best resources for finding quality vehicles at great prices with ease – making it an incredibly reliable site for anyone looking into purchasing or leasing a new or used car!

Who is the Ceo of Cars Com?

The CEO of Cars.com is Alex Vetter. He joined the company in 2019 and brings a wealth of experience from the automotive, technology and digital marketing industries. Prior to joining Cars.com, he served as President & Chief Operating Officer at AutoNation Inc., one of the largest automotive retailing companies in America for over 10 years.

During his tenure at AutoNation, Vetter drove industry-leading growth across various areas including e-commerce sales and customer service initiatives—all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences both online and offline. With more than 25 years’ experience working with leading brands such as Microsoft, Ask Jeeves (now Ask.com) and several startup ventures, Vetter also brings deep expertise in digital marketing strategy development that will help take Cars.com into its next phase of success within the ever-evolving landscape of digital media buying and selling cars online via mobile devices or websites like CarMax or Autotrader..

What is the Company Profile of Cars Com?

Cars.com is an online automotive marketplace and information resource that connects car shoppers with sellers, dealerships and vehicle manufacturers. The company was founded in 1998 by two entrepreneurs who set out to revolutionize the auto industry using technology. Cars.com provides its customers with a unique experience when it comes to researching, buying and selling cars – from helping them find the perfect car for their lifestyle to providing detailed specs on each model they are considering.

They also offer articles, reviews and videos about various makes/models of cars as well as helpful tips on how to buy or sell a car; including trade-in values, financing options and more. With over 8 million vehicles listed nationwide, Cars.com has become one of the leading sources for buyers seeking new or used vehicles at competitive prices. Their website features innovative tools such as Customized Car Shopping which allows customers to compare up to four different models side-by-side; Buyer’s Guides which provide detailed information about specific makes/models; Vehicle History Reports so that buyers can have peace of mind knowing they’re getting a quality vehicle; plus much more!

In addition, Cars.com offers advertisers access to millions of potential customers through their comprehensive advertising network which includes search engine marketing (SEM), display ads & remarketing campaigns across desktop & mobile devices plus exclusive partnerships with major OEMs (original equipment manufactures). As one of America’s most trusted automotive resources since 1998, Cars.com continues its mission today – striving every day to bring consumers together with the best dealer partners available in order for everyone involved get the best deal possible!


In conclusion, Cars.com is an invaluable resource for car buyers that provides a comprehensive guide to the entire car buying process and great savings opportunities. With its detailed vehicle listings, expert reviews and ratings, price comparisons and special deals, it’s no wonder why so many consumers turn to Cars.com when they need reliable information about cars before making their purchase decision.

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