Who Owns Cfi Trucking

CFI Trucking is a privately owned company. It was established in 1951 by the founders, C.L and Hazel Melton, as an interstate truckload carrier based out of Joplin, Missouri. The company is now run by their grandson, Bruce Ewing, who serves as the President and CEO.

The company has grown significantly since its beginnings and now operates over 1,500 trucks throughout North America with terminals in Canada and Mexico providing service to all 48 contiguous states plus Alaska and Hawaii. They offer specialized services such as intermodal drayage (transporting cargo between two points using multiple modes of transportation) along with other general freight shipping services which are handled through their network of agents across the United States.

Cfi Trucking is a trucking company based in the United States. It was founded in 1997 by Charles F. Ingles and his wife, Jeanette Ingles, and has grown to become one of the largest truckload carriers in North America. Cfi Trucking provides services such as expedited freight hauling, flatbed transportation, and long-haul shipping across all 48 contiguous states.

The company is now owned by the CFI Group LLC, which also owns other businesses including CFI Logistics Solutions Inc., CFI Asset Management Corp., and UTS Logistics Inc. With over 3200 trucks at their disposal, they have quickly established themselves as an industry leader providing superior service for their customers throughout North America.

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Who Owns Transport America

Transport America is a full-service transportation and logistics provider that is owned by TFI International Inc., a leading North American provider of transportation and logistics services. Founded in 1984, Transport America has grown to become one of the largest bulk truckload carriers in the United States with over 2,000 trucks. The company provides freight brokerage services as well as dedicated contract carriage services for shippers throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and beyond.

Who Bought Out Cfi Trucking?

In 2019, CFI trucking was bought out by a major player in the logistics and transportation industry – Schneider National Inc. Founded in 1935, Schneider is one of North America’s premier carriers and provides a wide range of services to its customers including long-haul truckload shipping, intermodal container transport, expedited van and flatbed service as well as dedicated contract carriage. With the acquisition of CFI Trucking, Schneider has further strengthened their market position with an expanded geographic reach across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

This move also brings new opportunities for employees at both companies through increased career paths. The benefits don’t stop there; customers can now access more capacity with improved reliability due to enhanced consistency when it comes to delivery times and customer service levels. Now that they are part of a larger organization like Schneider National Inc., CFI truckers will have access to better training programs which will help them improve their skillsets while providing greater value for their customers overall.

Who Did Cfi Merge With?

CFI Group, a customer experience analytics and insights firm, recently announced that it has merged with the leading global customer research firm InMoment. This strategic move to combine two of the industry’s most renowned customer experience firms marks a significant milestone in CFI Group’s continuing growth story. The merger will bring together two powerful teams of experts who have been at the forefront of delivering sophisticated market intelligence solutions for more than 20 years.

Through this combination, CFI and InMoment are now positioned to offer their clients an even broader portfolio of services designed to help them make better informed decisions about their customers based on actionable insights from both quantitative and qualitative sources. With deeper resources, expanded expertise in data science, AI-driven technology solutions, and best-in-class service offerings across the entire customer journey lifecycle – from engagement through advocacy –CFI Group is poised to become one of the largest independent providers of comprehensive customer experience solutions globally.

Who is the Ceo of Cfi Trucking?

The CEO of CFI trucking is Frank Suiter. Mr. Suiter has been with the company for over 20 years and his leadership has helped propel it to become one of the most successful trucking companies in America. He began his career as a driver, before eventually taking on various roles within the organization.

As CEO, he oversees all aspects of the business from operations to safety and customer service. Under his watchful eye, CFI Trucking has grown into an industry leader in terms of both drivers and trucks owned. His commitment to providing excellent service while promoting safety and efficiency make him an invaluable asset to this company’s success story!

We are proud to have such a dedicated professional helping guide our team at CFI Trucking!

Is Cfi Trucking Closing?

CFI trucking is a major carrier in the transportation industry that has been around for decades. Recently, rumors have been circulating about CFI’s possible closure. While no official announcement has yet been made, there is some speculation that CFI may be looking to close its doors due to financial difficulties and a changing landscape of the transportation industry.

However, it should also be noted that CFI had taken steps earlier this year to expand its operations so it could better compete with other carriers in the market. At this point, there is still much uncertainty surrounding CFI trucking’s future and whether or not they will ultimately close their business altogether. As more information becomes available we will update our readers on any developments regarding this situation.


In conclusion, CFI Trucking is a family-owned business that has been in operation for over 45 years. With their commitment to providing quality service and an emphasis on safety, it’s no surprise that they have become one of the most well-known and respected trucking companies in the industry. From their humble beginnings as a small regional carrier to their current status as an international leader in transportation solutions, CFI Trucking remains committed to delivering excellence and value at every turn.

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