Who Owns Schneider Trucking

Schneider National, Inc. is a transportation and logistics services company based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The company was founded in 1935 by A.J. Schneider and is now owned by private equity firm Platinum Equity, LLC since March 2017. Schneider provides comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions for customers of all sizes on a global scale through its for-hire truckload network as well as its intermodal, dedicated contract carriage, freight brokerage, bulk tanker and refrigerated businesses among others It operates over 12 thousand trucks nationwide with more than 20 thousand trailers consisting of dry vans, flatbeds and specialty equipment such as temperature controlled boxes to meet customer needs.

With the help from their owner Platinum Equity they have continued to grow while also focusing on safety initiatives that are important to them today like improved driver training programs.

Schneider Trucking is a leader in the transportation industry, providing quality services and customer satisfaction for over 75 years. Founded in 1935 by A.J. Schneider, Schneider Trucking has grown to become one of the largest and most successful trucking companies in North America, with a fleet of more than 16,000 tractors and 35,000 trailers servicing customers across the United States and Canada. The company is currently owned by parent company Vantrust Real Estate LLC.

, who acquired it from previous owner Penske Corporation in 2015. With its dedication to safety and commitment to customer service excellence, Schneider Trucking continues to be an industry leader today.

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Al Schneider Net Worth

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Who Did Schneider Trucking Buy Out?

Schneider Trucking, one of the leading trucking companies in the United States, recently announced a major acquisition. The company has purchased Arnold Transportation Services, Inc., which is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. This purchase will expand Schneider’s presence throughout North America as it will add over 2,700 tractors and 7,000 trailers to its fleet.

In addition to this significant expansion of their physical infrastructure, Schneider also gains access to nine operating centers located in eight states across the U.S., making them more competitive and better able to serve customers all around the country. Both companies were founded by Don Schneider back in 1935 and have since grown into two of the largest transportation providers on the continent. Through this strategic acquisition Schneider gains greater control over their operations nationwide while still maintaining their commitment to providing quality service at a fair price for their customers.

Is Schneider Trucking Privately Owned?

Schneider is one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in North America. Founded in 1935 by A.J. Schneider, the company has grown from a single truck to an expansive fleet of over 14,000 trucks and nearly 70,000 trailers throughout the United States and Canada. The company prides itself on its commitment to safety and customer service, with a focus on providing quality services at competitive prices for all their customers.

With its strong ties to family ownership still intact today, Schneider remains a trusted leader in the transportation industry as it continues its growth into the future.

Who is the Largest Trucking Company in the Us?

The largest trucking company in the US is Schneider National, Inc. Founded in 1935 by Al and Lillian Schneider, Schneider has grown to become one of the nation’s most respected transportation providers. With a fleet of more than 13,500 trucks and over 19,000 employees across North America, they offer a variety of services including long-haul intermodal freight transport as well as bulk hauling for specialized commodities like chemicals and plastics.

In addition to their vast network of terminals throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, they also operate a global logistics division that provides dedicated contract carriage services for large customers such as Walmart and Amazon. With an impressive reputation for safety – which includes consistently winning awards from The National Safety Council – it’s no wonder why this Wisconsin-based company is considered to be one of the best trucking companies in the business today.

Who is the Ceo of Schneider National?

The CEO of Schneider National is Chris Lofgren. He has been the president and chief executive officer of Schneider since October 2003, and was appointed chairman in April 2004. Under his leadership, Schneider has become one of the largest transportation and logistics providers in North America with a comprehensive portfolio of services including truckload, intermodal, dedicated contract carriage, logistics management solutions and more.

With decades-long experience in the industry — prior to joining Schneider he held senior positions at Northwest Airlines’ cargo division — Chris is renowned for his keen insights into the changing dynamics affecting global supply chains. His vision has helped expand Schneider’s presence across multiple markets while developing innovative technologies that enable customers to get their shipments where they need them faster than ever before.


This blog post has provided a comprehensive overview of Schneider Trucking, from its origins and history to the current ownership structure. It is clear that Schneider Trucking is one of the most successful transportation companies in the United States and continues to expand its operations both domestically and internationally. The company’s success can be attributed to their commitment to customer service, innovation in technology, fleet maintenance, and overall expertise.

Although it is owned by a number of different entities today, it remains an impressive example of how a small business can become an industry leader.

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