Who Owns Cigarette Boat Company

Cigarette Racing Team, Inc. is the owner of Cigarette Boat Company. The company was founded in 1969 by Don Aronow in Miami, Florida, and has been manufacturing performance boats ever since. It produces a variety of high-performance offshore powerboats that are renowned for their speed and luxury features.

Its current lineup includes models such as the Bullet, Marauder, Top Gun Open Fisherman and more. Its products are sold worldwide through its network of authorized dealerships located around the world. Cigarette Racing Team is owned by Carl Kiekhaefer (CEO) who bought it from Bob Morgan in 2002 after his passing away.

Cigarette Racing Team is a world-renowned boat manufacturing company that was founded in 1969 by Don Aronow. The name of the company pays homage to his nickname, “Mr. Cigarette”, which he earned from racing cigarette boats in the 1960s. Today, Cigarette Racing Team is owned and operated by HIG Capital, a Miami-based private equity firm that acquired it in 2019.

With over 50 years of experience building performance powerboats for both recreational and professional use, Cigarette Racing Team continues to be one of the top marine manufacturers in the industry.

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Cigarette Boat Company Wiki

Cigarette Boat Company is an American boat manufacturer based in Miami, Florida. Founded by Don Aronow in 1969, the company has been producing high-performance boats for over 50 years and continues to be a leader in powerboat design and technology. Cigarette Boats are known for their sleek lines, speed, and maneuverability, making them popular amongst recreational boaters as well as professional racers.

The company also produces accessories such as engine packages and custom paint jobs to further enhance the performance of its boats.

Who Owns Cigarette Boat Company Now?

Cigarette boat company is a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury powerboats. The company has been in business since 1969, and it’s success has only grown throughout the years. In 2021, Cigarette Boat Company was purchased by Iconic Marine Group (IMG).

IMG is a privately held marine group with investments in over 100 companies that offer products and services related to boating and fishing industries. Under the ownership of Iconic Marine Group, Cigarette Boats will continue to produce their signature high performance boats as well as expand their offerings into new markets such as pleasure cruising vessels. IMG’s long-term vision for Cigarette Boats is to become a leader in the leisure boating market both domestically and internationally.

With IMGs experience and resources, they plan on expanding the brand through strategic partnerships, growth within existing markets, product innovations, marketing campaigns and more.

Who is the Ceo of Cigarette Boats?

The CEO of Cigarette boats is Skip Braver. He has been the leader in high performance boat racing since 1977, when he purchased and founded the iconic brand. Since then, he has designed hundreds of boats that have become staples in offshore powerboat racing circles around the world.

Braver’s passion for speed and design have enabled him to build a strong reputation within the industry as an innovator and leading force behind some of today’s most advanced marine technology. His commitment to excellence has earned him numerous awards throughout his career including being inducted into several Professional Boat Racing Hall of Fame’s across the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. Beyond business success, Braver is also involved in various charities worldwide related to boating safety and youth outreach programs – making sure future generations are able to enjoy this great sport safely while developing lifelong skills along their journey with watercrafts.

How Much was Cigarette Boat Company Sold For?

In 2018, Cigarette boat Company was sold for an astounding $72 million. The iconic speedboat company is known for its sleek designs and powerful engines that have propelled it to the forefront of luxury boating options. Founded in 1969 by Don Aronow, the Cigarette boat quickly became a favorite among wealthy sportsmen who wanted something fast and stylish on the water.

Over time, the company has amassed a collection of awards including multiple world championships and numerous record-breaking feats. This sale marks a significant milestone in the history of this legendary brand as it transitions from private ownership into new hands with fresh ideas about how to further grow this already successful business. With such an impressive price tag attached to its name, there is no doubt that Cigarette will remain at the top of people’s list when they are looking for quality performance boats that don’t compromise on style or speed.

Who is the Founder of Cigarette Boats?

Hans Paul Beierlein, a German immigrant to the United States, is credited with inventing the first “cigarette boat” in 1959. These boats are also known as “go-fast” boats and feature an elongated V hull design for increased speed and stability. Before creating his famous boat design, Beierlein was an engineer who worked on military aircrafts during World War II.

After designing several different types of wooden sailing vessels throughout the 1950s, he eventually got the idea to create a sleek fiberglass powerboat by combining existing designs from two popular racing classes—the hydroplane and runabout divisions. The end result was his revolutionary cigarette boat that could reach speeds up to 120 miles per hour — much faster than other motorboats of its time. His invention revolutionized recreational boating and continues to be popular today across many bodies of water around the world!


The Cigarette Boat Company is one of the most well-known and successful boat companies in the world. With a long history of innovation, engineering excellence, and commitment to quality craftsmanship, it’s no surprise that their boats are so popular with experienced boaters. The company has changed hands over its decades-long lifespan but continues to be run with the same level of passion as when it was first founded.

The Cigarette Boat Company stands out among other boat makers for its dedication to providing high-quality vessels that will serve owners faithfully for years to come.

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