Who Owns Ranger Boats

Ranger Boats is owned by the Bass Pro Group. It was founded in 1968 by Forrest L. Wood, who pioneered the concept of a dedicated fishing boat. The company specializes in bass and multi-species boats for tournament anglers, recreational fishermen, and watersports enthusiasts alike.

All components are engineered and manufactured at Ranger’s Flippin, Arkansas facility; from hulls to running gear to hardware – every aspect of Ranger construction is carefully monitored and inspected for quality assurance standards that meet or exceed customer expectations. Bass Pro Group acquired the brand and its manufacturing facilities in 1997 after recognizing its commitment to craftsmanship, performance, attention to detail and passion for success on the water as well as ashore. Today it remains an integral part of their growing family of brands including Tracker Marine Group which produces a variety of popular aluminum boats under several distinct brand names like Nitro®, SunTracker® , Tahoe® , Mako®, Regency®,and Ascend® .

The company behind Ranger Boats is White River Marine Group, part of the Bass Pro Shops family. Founded in 1968 by Forrest L. Wood, one of the original pioneers of fiberglass boat construction and design, Ranger Boats has been a leader in the industry for over fifty years. With their commitment to quality craftsmanship and performance, they have become some of the most sought-after boats in fishing circles worldwide.

Today, Ranger Boats continues to make waves with their innovative designs as well as offering an array of styles including bass boats, pontoon boats and even jon boats!

Why Has Ranger Boats Disappeared From The Scene?

Who Owns Vexus Boats

Vexus Boats is owned by the Bass Pro Group, LLC. The company was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. The Bass Pro Group also owns Tracker Marine Group which manufactures fishing boats, pontoon boats and other types of recreational boats under the Vexus brand name.

This allows them to offer a wide range of boat models for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

Does Bass Pro Shop Own Ranger Boats?

Yes, Bass Pro Shops is the proud owner of Ranger Boats. Founded over 40 years ago in 1968 by Forrest L. Wood, Ranger Boats has become one of America’s premier boat brands and a household name among anglers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. As part of its commitment to provide customers with an exceptional experience on the water, Bass Pro Shops acquired Ranger Boats in 1997 and continues to foster its growth and development as a leader in quality fishing boats.

From tournament-ready bass rigs to luxury performance cruising models, today’s lineup offers something for everyone – all backed by Bass Pro Shops’ legendary customer service team dedicated to helping you enjoy time on the water with family and friends even more!

When Did White River Marine Buy Ranger?

White River Marine Group, a division of Bass Pro Shops, purchased Ranger Boats in April of 2018. The acquisition was made to meet the growing demand for recreational boats and expand their product lineup as well as strengthen their presence in the boat manufacturing industry. White River Marine Group had previously been operating under various brands such as Tracker Boats and Nitro Boats, making this purchase a perfect fit for them to extend their reach even further into the market.

Not only did this move ensure that customers would have access to more reliable products from an established company with years of experience behind it, but it also allowed White River Marine Group to retain its commitment to quality craftsmanship while expanding its portfolio. Ultimately, this strategic decision has paid off immensely since purchasing Ranger Boats; providing customers with superior performance and top-notch customer service.

Who Started Ranger Boat Company?

Ranger Boats was founded in 1968 by Forrest L. Wood, who is often referred to as the “father of modern bass boat fishing” and credited with revolutionizing the sport of professional bass fishing. Prior to founding Ranger Boats, Mr. Wood had acquired a lifetime of experience working in manufacturing and engineering roles at multiple companies including Westinghouse Electric Corporation and International Harvester Company (now known as Navistar). His knowledge enabled him to recognize opportunities for creating a better-built aluminum boat that could be used for tournament fishing purposes—which became the foundation behind Ranger Boats.

In his time running Ranger, he introduced numerous groundbreaking technologies and advancements such as wide-beam hulls for stability in rough water conditions, aerated livewell systems with timers, power trim & tilt outboards motors—all of which are now widely accepted components within today’s modern recreational boats.

Did Tracker Buy Ranger?

No, Tracker did not buy Ranger. The two companies have had a long history of collaboration and competition, but they have never been formally merged or acquired. Both Tracker and Ranger are well-known names in the outdoor recreation industry, offering a variety of products for camping and hiking enthusiasts.

They both specialize in high-quality gear that can withstand tough conditions, from tents to sleeping bags to backpacks. While their product lines may overlap at times, each company has its own unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, Tracker is known for its innovative designs while Ranger has earned praise for its durability and affordability.

Despite their differences though, both brands remain popular among outdoorsmen everywhere who value quality over quantity when it comes to their purchases.


The answer to who owns Ranger Boats is relatively simple. Ranger Boats have been owned by the parent company, White River Marine Group since 1988 when they officially acquired the company. Since that time, they have continued to make improvements and advancements on every level of production and design within their boats making them some of the most reliable fishing vessels available today.

It’s no wonder why so many anglers choose these vessels for their fishing adventures, as it offers an excellent combination of quality craftsmanship, performance capabilities and affordability. With a long history of success in this industry and commitment to continuous improvement, it’s clear that Ranger Boats are here to stay as one of the top brands in boating for years to come.

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