Who Owns Entegra Rv

Entegra Coach, Inc. is the company that owns Entegra RV. This privately-held, family-owned business was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana. They are a leader in luxury motorhome manufacturing and have been building quality recreational vehicles for more than 30 years.

Their products include Class A diesel pusher coach models with prices ranging from $150K to over $500K. Entegra also offers Class C gas motorhomes as well as fifth wheel trailers and travel trailers offering both comfort and value at lower price points than their Class A counterparts. Entegra has earned an outstanding reputation for its commitment to customer service, high craftsmanship standards, innovative design features and affordable pricing options which make them one of the most sought after brands within the RV industry today.

Entegra Coach, a division of Jayco, Inc., is the company that owns Entegra RV. Established in 2008, Entegra has grown to become one of the leading brands in luxury motorhomes and Class A diesel pushers. All Entegra coaches are hand-crafted with an eye to detail and backed by Jayco’s renowned two-year warranty for peace of mind on the road.

With features like residential kitchens, state-of-the-art audio/visual systems and luxurious master suites, it’s no wonder why so many people choose an Entrega RV when they’re ready to hit the open road.

Entegra Coach BEST QUALITY Motorhome!

Entegra Rv Problems

Entegra RVs have generally had positive reviews, however like any vehicle or device, there are some problems associated with them. Common Entegra RV issues include difficulty in getting warranty service from dealerships, faulty components such as air conditioners and furnaces, water leaks due to improper installation of piping and wiring, and electrical shorts caused by inadequate insulation around the wires. It is important to research any potential issues before purchasing an Entegra RV so that you can be prepared for any repairs or replacements that may be necessary.

When Did Thor Buy Entegra?

Thor purchased Entegra on March 1, 2020. The deal was made official after many months of negotiations and a lot of hard work from both Thor and Entegra’s respective teams. With the purchase, Thor now has access to an impressive array of services that can help their customers around the world.

From comprehensive insurance coverage to financial solutions and more, this acquisition will be sure to pay off in spades for everyone involved in the long run. Furthermore, it also gives Thor access to Entegra’s robust network of partners across different industries who have embraced its innovative approach over the years – something which is invaluable when it comes to providing top-notch customer service as well as expanding business operations into new markets. All in all, this purchase marks a major milestone for both companies and speaks volumes about their commitment towards delivering outstanding results for their clients.

Are Jayco And Entegra the Same?

No, Jayco and Entegra are not the same. Jayco is one of the largest manufacturers of recreation vehicles in the world and has been making RVs since 1968. They offer a wide selection of motorized and towable recreational vehicles ranging from small pop-up campers to luxury fifth wheels and Class A motorhomes.

On the other hand, Entegra Coach is a division of Jayco that specializes in Class A gas and diesel motorhomes with superior quality construction and amenities for those who want to travel in style. While both companies come under the same parent company (Jayco), they offer different products that cater to different needs and preferences for RVers looking for their next home on wheels.

Did Jayco Buy Entegra?

No, Jayco did not buy Entegra. In fact, the two companies are competitors in the recreational vehicle industry. Jayco designs and manufactures a variety of RVs, from travel trailers to Class C motorhomes.

Entegra is also a manufacturer of luxury RVs—with models ranging from diesel-powered coaches to Class A gas motorhomes. Instead of acquiring each other’s assets, these two RV giants continue to compete for market share with their own unique products and features that cater to different types of customers. For example, while Jayco focuses on providing an array of camping options with its foldable campers, lightweight travel trailers and fifth wheels; Entegra specializes in high-end luxury motorhome models equipped with advanced technology like GPS navigation systems and solar power packages.

Ultimately, there’s no need for either company to purchase one another as they both offer compelling solutions for those looking for recreational vehicles — making them unlikely bedfellows going forward!

Who Makes Entegra Coach Rv?

Entegra Coach RV is a premier luxury motor coach builder that has been delivering superior quality and craftsmanship since the company was founded in 2008. Owned by Jayco, Inc., Entegra Coach produces Class A gas and diesel motorhomes with five different floor plans ranging from 28 to 45 feet. Their products are designed for those who want an unrivaled travel experience – from full-time adventurers to weekend warriors looking for their next adventure.

This year’s lineup includes the Aspire, Anthem, Cornerstone, Insignia and Odyssey models all powered by Cummins engines and featuring Freightliner chassis. Each of these coaches is equipped with residential features such as solid surface countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, hardwood cabinets and lots of storage space. With amenities like heated tile floors throughout each model interior; outside entertainment centers; exterior LED lighting packages; optional slide out cargo trays; power reclining theater seating options; king-size beds; stackable washer/dryer combos or even an optional fireplace…it’s no wonder why Entegra continues to be one of the most sought after motor coaches on the market today!


Overall, Entegra RV is a great brand for those who are looking to buy an RV. With their commitment to providing quality products and services, customers can be certain that they will get the best value for their money. Their 10-year structural warranty also provides peace of mind that any issues with the structural integrity of their RVs will be taken care of by Entegra.

Additionally, they have a wide selection of models to choose from so there’s something for everyone in search of an RV. All things considered, choosing Entegra RV as your next vehicle purchase is sure to be worth it!

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