Who Owns Newmar Rv

Newmar RV is a privately owned company, founded by the Miller family in 1968. It has been under their ownership ever since and is now run by its current president, Matt Miller. The company is based in Nappanee, Indiana and manufactures luxury motorhomes for the recreational vehicle market.

Newmar RVs are designed for both long-distance travel and weekend trips with all of the amenities that you could want or need while on vacation. Newmar products include Class A (gasoline powered) and Class C (diesel powered) motorhomes as well as towable trailers like fifth wheels and toy hauler campers. They also have a variety of parts available to customize your RV to make it truly one-of-a kind!

Newmar RV is a well-known and respected name in the recreational vehicle industry, owned by the Newmar Corporation. Founded in 1968, Newmar has grown to become one of the largest and most successful RV manufacturers in America. In addition to its quality RVs, Newmar also produces parts and accessories for many other brands of motorhomes as well as fifth wheels, travel trailers, toy haulers, park models and bus conversions.

The company is based out of Nappanee Indiana where their products are manufactured using state-of-the art technology. As an independently owned business with over 50 years experience in the RV trade, you can be sure that when you purchase from Newmar you’re getting a reliable product backed by top notch customer service.

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Why Did Newmar Sell to Winnebago

Newmar Corporation, a leading manufacturer of luxury motorhomes and towables, recently announced its sale to Winnebago Industries. This move comes as part of an effort by Newmar to expand their product range and increase their presence in the recreational vehicle market. With Winnebago’s extensive production capabilities and resources, Newmar will gain access to new technologies that will allow them to create higher quality products at more competitive prices.

Through this acquisition, both companies are looking forward to combining their strengths for the mutual benefit of customers and shareholders alike.

Did Winnebago Buyout Newmar?

No, Winnebago did not buyout Newmar. Instead, in 2018, Winnebago purchased a majority stake in the iconic RV manufacturer. The two companies have long been competitors in the market due to their similar product offerings; however, they decided to join forces and create a stronger presence within the industry by combining resources.

This unique partnership has allowed both brands to benefit from each other’s strengths and expand their reach into new markets that were previously inaccessible for them as individual entities. Together, Winnebago and Newmar offer an extensive range of high-quality recreational vehicles that cater to all types of customers across multiple price points – from entry-level travelers who are just starting out with camping trips to luxury seekers looking for more upscale amenities during their journeys. With this joint venture came improved customer service through enhanced warranties and nationwide network of dealerships offering parts and repairs on any model of either brand.

In addition, it enabled both companies to capitalize on technological advancements such as driver assistance features like cameras or blind spot monitoring systems which have become increasingly popular among RV owners over recent years. Overall, it appears that this union between Winnebago and Newmar was beneficial for both parties involved as well as providing increased satisfaction amongst consumers who now have access to better products at competitive prices.

Is Newmar an Amish Company?

No, Newmar is not an Amish company. In fact, it is a highly successful and respected luxury RV manufacturer based in Nappanee, Indiana that has been providing quality recreational vehicles to the public since 1968. Founded by Virgil Miller and Marvin Newcomer, Newmar has grown from its humble beginnings as a small custom coach builder into one of the leading motorhome companies in North America today.

Although their products are often associated with the traditional lifestyle of the Amish people – due largely to their sophisticated craftsmanship and attention to detail – much of what makes up these luxurious RVs comes from modern technology such as automated systems for lighting control and climate control. From Class A diesel RVs all the way down to Class C gas models, Newmar offers something for every budget and taste – offering both style and comfort along with features like full body paint options, spacious living areas, gourmet kitchens equipped with stainless steel appliances, entertainment centers complete with HDTVs & Blu-ray players; plus so much more! With each new model they introduce they strive to incorporate higher quality standards while still maintaining affordability through competitive pricing structures.

That’s why people continue to turn towards this trusted brand when shopping for their next dream home on wheels!

Who is the Ownership of Newmar?

Newmar Corporation is an American manufacturer of motorhomes and recreational vehicles headquartered in Nappanee, Indiana. Founded in 1968 by Marvin Miller and his son, Newmar has been family-owned since its inception. The company began producing Class A motorhomes for the camping enthusiast in 1972 with the introduction of their first model, the King Aire.

Since then, they have grown to become one of the most well-respected RV manufacturers on the market today. From luxury diesel pushers to affordable gas models and even fifth wheels and toy haulers, Newmar builds high quality RVs that are sure to meet your needs no matter what kind of vacation you’re planning for yourself or your family. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in everything from their product selection to their customer service policy – something that sets them apart from other RV makers.

Whether you need help finding parts or just want some advice about where to go camping this summer, Newmar’s team will be there every step of the way!

Who is Owned by Winnebago?

Winnebago Industries, Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs) and motorhomes. Founded in 1958 by John K. Hanson, Winnebago has grown to become a household name in the RV industry thanks to its iconic RV designs and superior quality craftsmanship. But who owns Winnebago?

Winnebago Industries is currently owned by two private equity firms: Thorndale Investments LLC, which acquired a majority stake in 2016; and Argyle Street Management LLC, which purchased shares in 2017. Together these companies own approximately 80% of the company’s stock with other institutional investors holding what remains. As such, there are no publicly traded shares or individual owners for Winnebago Industries Inc., making it an entirely privately held organization today.


In conclusion, Newmar RV is owned by the company itself, rather than being publicly traded. The family-owned business has been in operation since 1968 and continues to produce some of the highest quality recreational vehicles on the market. With its commitment to providing superior customer service and innovative products, it’s no wonder that Newmar RV remains one of the most popular brands among consumers.

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