Who Owns Lotus Cars

Lotus Cars is a British automotive company with its headquarters in Hethel, Norfolk. The company was founded by Colin Chapman in 1952 and has since been owned by several companies. Currently, Lotus Cars is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese automotive giant Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd., who purchased it from Proton Holdings Berhad (formerly DRB-HICOM) in 2017.

Geely also owns Volvo Cars and Polestar as well as other brands including Lynk & Co, London EV Company (LEVC), Terrafugia, Yuan Cheng Auto and PROTON Motorsports.

Lotus Cars is a British sports car manufacturer owned by the Chinese automotive company Geely Automobile. Founded in 1952, Lotus has become well-known for its iconic lightweight designs and impressive performance. The company’s vehicles are renowned for their precise handling and agility on the track, making them popular with both amateur and professional racers alike.

In addition to producing some of the world’s most sought after road cars, Lotus also manufactures race-winning Formula One cars as part of their motorsport division. With over 60 years of experience in designing and building exceptional automobiles, it’s no wonder that Lotus continue to set new standards in terms of design excellence and driving pleasure.

History of Lotus Documentary

Is Lotus Owned by Toyota

Lotus is a British car manufacturer that has been in operation since 1952. While the brand was previously owned by General Motors and Proton, it is now owned by the Japanese automotive giant Toyota. The company’s headquarters are located in Norfolk, England, and its vehicles have become iconic for their performance-focused designs.

Who is Lotus Owned By?

Lotus Cars is currently owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, based in Hangzhou, China. The company was founded back in 1952 and has been producing some of the most iconic cars ever since. It is perhaps best known for its legendary Lotus Esprit sports car which first hit the market in 1976 and has been a mainstay within the automotive industry ever since.

In recent years, Lotus Cars have adopted an aggressive strategy to revamp their product line with new models such as the Evora and Exige Sport 410. This move appears to be paying off as recently released figures show that sales of these new products are on the rise while also helping to keep prices competitive compared to other high-end manufacturers like Ferrari or Lamborghini. With this increased focus on innovation and quality, it looks like Lotus will continue its legacy of producing some of the most beautiful cars available today for many more years to come!

Does Ford Still Own Lotus?

Yes, Ford still owns Lotus! Lotus Cars is a British automotive company that was founded in 1952 and is well-known for producing some of the most iconic sports cars ever made. The company has always been one of Britain’s foremost racing car manufacturers, and its vehicles have won numerous awards over the years.

In 1986, Ford Motor Company purchased a majority stake in Lotus Cars, making it part of their Premier Automotive Group. Since then, Ford has held on to its ownership of the company despite various changes within its management structure. Today, Ford continues to own a controlling interest in Lotus with other shareholders owning smaller stakes as well.

As such, any new models produced by the marque will be released under the auspices of both companies: ‘Ford powered by Lotus’.

Is Lotus Owned by China?

No, Lotus is not owned by China. The iconic British sports car maker is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd., the Chinese automotive giant that owns Volvo and London Taxi Company. Founded in 1952, Lotus has been building some of the most iconic cars for over sixty years now and its current lineup consists of several models including the Elise, Evora and Exige coupes as well as their Sport 410 track car.

While it may seem like an odd choice for a Chinese company to invest in such an expensive brand, Geely sees great potential in the Lotus name due to its legendary status among driving enthusiasts around the world. As such they have made significant investments into modernizing their production facilities while also expanding their product range with new electric models such as the Evija hypercar which will be released later this year. With these changes, there’s no doubt that Lotus will continue to produce exciting cars for many years to come under their new owners despite no longer being a British-owned company.

When Did Gm Acquire Lotus?

General Motors (GM) acquired the iconic British sports car manufacturer Lotus in 1986. The acquisition was part of GM’s strategy to expand its presence in the European market, and it allowed them to gain access to a wide range of Lotus’s advanced engineering technologies. At the time, Lotus had established itself as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative and high-performance vehicles, so this move was a significant step for GM towards becoming a major player in Europe.

During their ownership period from 1986-1993, GM invested heavily into developing new models such as the Elan M100 which became an instant classic amongst sportscar enthusiasts worldwide. Unfortunately for both parties however, this partnership ended after seven years due to financial struggles that forced GM to divest its shares back into private hands. Nevertheless, despite its short duration, this deal between General Motors and Lotus marked an important milestone in automotive history that has helped shape modern cars today.


Overall, Lotus Cars is a company that has been around for over 70 years and continues to make some of the most innovative cars on the market. Despite changes in ownership over the years, Lotus remains true to its roots as a premier automotive brand. The current owner of Lotus Cars is Geely Holding Group, who purchased the company in 2017 and invested heavily into modernizing their lineup.

With Geely at the helm, it’s clear that Lotus will remain a leader among luxury carmakers for many more decades to come.

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