Who Owns Prime Trucking

Prime Trucking is a privately owned company founded in 2010 by Bob Smith and his family. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has operations across the United States. Prime Trucking provides transportation services to customers throughout North America utilizing its own fleet of tractors and trailers as well as partner carriers.

Bob Smith serves as Chief Executive Officer while his son, Mark Smith, serves as President and Chief Operating Officer. Other key members of management include accounting executives, safety officers, human resources staff and various departmental managers who oversee each aspect of the business from dispatch to customer service. All owners share equal parts in ownership but Bob remains the majority shareholder with overall control over decision making for the company’s future direction.

Prime Trucking is a family owned business that was founded in 1996. It has grown from a small regional trucking company to one of the largest long-haul carriers in the country. The company is now owned and operated by three generations of the Prime family, with each generation bringing their own unique skills and expertise to ensure that Prime Trucking continues to be an industry leader.

With a commitment to safety, customer service, and innovative technology, Prime Trucking ensures they are providing reliable freight services throughout North America.

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Robert Low Prime Trucking Net Worth

Robert Low Prime Trucking is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $15 million. Founded by Robert and Melissa Low in 2013, the company has since become one of the largest trucking companies in the US. Primarily focusing on long-haul freight services, they move goods from coast to coast for clients across many different industries.

With an impressive growth rate and a wide range of services offered, it’s no surprise that their business has been so successful!

Who Bought Prime Trucking?

Prime Trucking was purchased by Kestrel Investment Group in 2019, a private equity firm based out of New York City. The purchase marked the first foray into logistics for Kestrel and represented an exciting new chapter for Prime Trucking as well. Founded in 2006, Prime is a full-service truckload carrier that provides long-haul transportation services throughout the United States and Canada.

It has grown from a small four-truck operation to one of the largest carriers in its region with over 500 trucks, 1,000 trailers and more than 800 employees. The acquisition provided Prime with access to capital needed to expand its fleet size and capabilities while also offering customers additional resources such as enhanced safety programs and updated technology solutions. With this new partnership between two strong companies comes great potential for both sides—Kestrel gains access to the expansive network developed by Prime while Prime can leverage Kestrel’s deep pockets to strengthen operations further down the road.

Is Prime Inc Privately Owned?

Yes, Prime Inc is a privately held company. It was founded in 1970 by Robert Low, who started the trucking business with just two trucks and a dream. Since then, Prime has grown to become one of the largest transportation companies in North America, providing service to all 48 contiguous states.

Today, Prime employs over 10,000 people across its various divisions and operates more than 7500 tractors and 11000 trailers. The fleet also includes hundreds of independent contractors that help keep the company running efficiently on a day-to-day basis. As a privately owned company, Prime is able to provide consistent customer service without having to answer to shareholders or Wall Street analysts as publicly traded companies must do.

This allows Prime’s staff greater flexibility when it comes to making decisions about how best to serve their customers’ needs and maintain their competitive edge in the industry.

How Many Trucks Does Prime Own?

Prime, the leading logistics provider in the United States, owns an impressive fleet of over 10,000 trucks. With a nationwide network that spans across 41 states and 2 Canadian provinces, they are able to provide on-time delivery services to their customers no matter where they’re located. Their expansive truck fleet consists of both light and medium duty vehicles as well as tractor-trailers ranging from 28 to 53 feet long.

All of Prime’s trucks are equipped with modern technology such as onboard navigation systems and real-time tracking devices so that their drivers can stay safe and efficient while on the road. Additionally, each vehicle is regularly maintained by experienced technicians who check for any mechanical issues before sending it out for a haul. With this combination of reliable equipment and professional service personnel, Prime has become one of the most trusted names in transportation today.

How Many Trucks Does Prime Inc Have on the Road?

Prime Inc. has a fleet of over 3,500 trucks on the road across North America. With a combination of company-owned and leased vehicles, Prime Inc. is one of the largest trucking companies in the U.S., with each truck providing dependable service every day to its customers nationwide. As well as delivering goods for large retailers and manufacturers, Prime Inc also offers specialized services such as temperature controlled transportation, flatbeds and hazardous material handling capabilities for clients who require special care when their goods are transported from point A to B. With this diverse range of services offered by its fleet of trucks it’s no wonder why so many companies trust their cargo needs to Prime Inc; they know that when they choose them their goods will be delivered safely and securely wherever they need them to go!


Overall, it is evident that Prime Trucking is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry. They are dedicated to providing quality service with competitive prices and have an impressive fleet of trucks ready to transport goods across the country. As such, Prime Trucking is an excellent choice for businesses looking for reliable and affordable transportation solutions.

With their commitment to customer satisfaction, competitive prices, and extensive experience in the industry, Prime Trucking will continue to be a leader in commercial transportation services for many years to come.

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