Who Owns Shockwave Jet Truck

Shockwave Jet Truck is owned by Les Shockley and his family. Shockwave Jet Truck is based out of Central Ohio and travels to various venues around the US performing shows for fans. The truck holds three engines that are capable of producing 36,000 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 376 mph.

It has been featured in many television shows, commercials, movies and documentaries as well as performing at airshows all over the world. Les has been driving it since 1996 when he purchased it from its original owner Bob Hammonds. Today, the jet truck continues to be one of the most popular attractions in airshow entertainment with millions of viewers across the globe tuning in to watch its amazing stunts each year.

The Shockwave Jet Truck is a one-of-a-kind vehicle owned by Les Shockley and his family. This three engine jet dragster was built from the ground up in the early 1990s by Les’ son, Neal, who has been driving it since then. The truck can reach speeds of up to 376 miles per hour and produces an astonishing 36,000 pounds of thrust!

It currently holds multiple world records for speed and acceleration, making it a sight to behold when witnessing its incredible power on display at air shows across America.


Shockwave Jet Truck Crash

On August 5th, 2019, the Shockwave Jet Truck suffered a crash at an airshow in Texas. The truck was driven by its owner and pilot Gene Soucy when it suddenly veered off course and crashed into the ground. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured but the crash caused extensive damage to both the vehicle and surrounding area.

This incident serves as a reminder of how dangerous these types of stunts can be if proper safety protocols are not followed.

Who Owns the Truck Shockwave?

The monster truck Shockwave is owned by Dennis Anderson. Dennis, who began his career as a professional mud racer in 1982 and went on to become the co-founder of the USHRA Monster Jam series, has been driving Shockwave since its inception in 2000. The truck’s iconic design incorporates several unique features including four 66-inch Goodyear tires that are each nearly twice as tall as regular car tires and an engine capable of producing 5,000 horsepower.

Together with its state-of-the-art suspension system and custom paint job, these features make Shockwave one of the most recognizable trucks on the circuit today. As owner and driver of this incredible machine, Dennis Anderson continues to thrill audiences all over the world with his spectacular stunts while pushing boundaries in what’s possible for monster trucks everywhere.

How Much Does a Shockwave Jet Truck Cost?

The Shockwave Jet Truck is an awe-inspiring sight, and for many people a once in a lifetime experience. The vehicle itself has cost over $3 million to build and operate, making it the most expensive jet powered truck in the world. It features three Pratt & Whitney J34 engines that can each produce up to 10,000 horsepower at full throttle.

This combined power allows the Shockwave Jet Truck to reach speeds of 376 mph and perform amazing stunts like wheel stands and backflips! Although this incredible machine comes with a hefty price tag, you don’t have to buy it to see it in action – you can often find the Shockwave Jet Truck performing at various car shows around the country or be part of its thrilling live show tours across America.

Where was Shockwave Jet Truck From?

The Shockwave Jet Truck is from the United States of America. The truck was designed and built in Sturgis, South Dakota by Les Shockley and Richard Schroeder who had a passion for speed and power. They wanted to create something unique that would bring excitement to the world of motorsports.

The idea behind it was to combine an aircraft engine with a truck chassis so they could reach speeds faster than any other vehicle on land at the time. The result has been impressive as Shockwave has hit speeds of over 376 mph! It’s truly remarkable what these two men have accomplished and continues to be one of the most popular vehicles when it comes to drag racing events around the world today.

What Caused Shockwave Jet Truck to Crash?

On August 20, 2020, a tragic accident occurred at the Texas Motor Speedway when Shockwave Jet Truck crashed while attempting to perform its signature stunts. The truck was driven by an experienced stuntman and racecar driver Mike Ryan when it suddenly veered off course into a barrier wall and burst into flames. It is believed that the cause of the crash was due to mechanical failure or pilot error.

The engine had been running hot prior to the race, with temperatures reaching as high as 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, there were reports that Ryan may have become too aggressive in his driving style during a tight turn which put extra pressure on the steering components of the vehicle leading them to fail under extreme strain.


In conclusion, the Shockwave Jet Truck is an amazing feat of engineering and power. It has achieved many records, including the fastest speed ever recorded for a jet-powered truck. The owner of this incredible machine is Neal Darnell, who uses it to make appearances at air shows and other events around the world.

His passion for pushing boundaries makes him an excellent steward of such a unique vehicle, ensuring that its legacy will continue to inspire awe in future generations.

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