Who Owns Riu Hotels

Riu Hotels is owned by RIU Hotels & Resorts, a Spanish company founded in 1953. The company was started by the Riu family as a small holiday business and has grown to become one of the largest hotel chains in Spain. RIU currently operates over 100 hotels across 18 countries worldwide, with more than 40,000 rooms available for guests.

It offers all-inclusive resorts and packages tailored to different clientele ranging from business travelers to families looking for an affordable vacation getaway. All Riu properties are operated under the ownership of its parent company, RIU Hotels & Resorts S.A., which is based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Riu Hotels is a hotel chain owned by the Riu family, a Spanish company founded in 1953. The company began as a small tourist business in Mallorca and has since grown to become one of the largest hospitality companies in the world. Today, Riu Hotels owns more than 100 hotels around the globe offering guests unbeatable value for money with their excellent customer service and wide range of facilities.

With its luxurious amenities and great locations, it’s no wonder why Riu Hotels continues to be one of the most popular choices amongst travelers from all over the world.

RIU company history – FITUR 2019 | RIU Hotels & Resorts

Luis Riu Net Worth

Luis Riu has an estimated net worth of over $1.5 billion, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in Spain and globally. He is the co-founder of RIU Hotels & Resorts, a company he started with his brother Enrique in 1953 that now owns more than 100 hotels in 20 countries across four continents. In addition to owning RIU Hotels & Resorts, Luis also serves as Chairman and CEO of Grupo Empresas Matutes (GEM), a family-owned enterprise controlling businesses ranging from tourism to banking and retailing.

Is Riu Owned by Marriott?

No, RIU Hotels & Resorts is not owned by Marriott. Instead, RIU is a Spanish-based hotel chain that has been in operation since 1953 and currently operates over 100 hotels and resorts in 19 countries across the world. The family business was initially founded by the Riu family before being sold to TUI Group in 2015 for €1 billion.

Despite this, the company still maintains its original identity as an independent all-inclusive hospitality brand with unique offerings tailored towards leisure travelers who are looking for a luxurious yet affordable experience. With exquisite amenities like spacious rooms and suites, spa services, fitness centers, delicious cuisine and more –RIU Hotels & Resorts offer something special that you can’t find anywhere else!

What Does Riu Stand For?

RIU stands for “React, Iterate and Update”. It is a common term used to describe an iterative process that helps to analyze user behavior and data in order to build better products. This approach can be applied across all types of product development, from web applications to mobile apps.

The idea behind RIU is that the development team should take their ideas and test them with users before launching the final product. By doing this they are able to quickly identify what works well and what could be improved upon. After testing, the team then updates their product accordingly until it meets user needs perfectly – without wasting time or money on unnecessary features or changes.

In other words, RIU encourages developers to actively engage with users in order to make sure they are creating something that people actually want and need!

Is Riu Hotel a Family Business?

RIU Hotels & Resorts is a family business that has been operating since 1953. It all started with the opening of its first hotel, RIU Don Miguel, in Mallorca. Since then the company has grown exponentially and now operates more than 100 hotels throughout 19 countries on four continents.

It has become one of the most recognized hotel brands in Europe and around the world for its impeccable service and quality accommodations at an affordable price. The key to success for this family-run business is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service from start to finish during each guest’s stay. They strive to make sure that everyone who visits any one of their hotels feels like part of the RIU family by making them feel welcome, comfortable, safe and taken care of as if they were staying at home with friends or relatives.

With so much dedication put into both customer relations and overall operations it’s no wonder why RIU Hotels & Resorts continues to be a popular choice among travelers looking for an enjoyable experience while away from home!

What is the Biggest Riu Hotel?

The biggest RIU hotel is the Riu Palace Las Americas, located in Cancun, Mexico. With over 700 rooms and a variety of amenities offered to guests, this luxurious resort is one of the largest RIU properties worldwide. The resort features two outdoor swimming pools and jacuzzis as well as private beach access for its visitors.

Guests also enjoy dining options ranging from buffets to à la carte restaurants with international menus and themed dinners. Other amenities include an on-site spa with sauna, gymnasiums and wellness treatments, various water sports activities such as snorkeling & kayaking; plus a shopping center within walking distance from the premises. In addition to all that, there are nightly entertainment shows & live music performances at night!

With all these incredible services offered by Riu Palace Las Americas it’s easy to see why it has become the biggest RIU property around – making your vacation experience unforgettable!


Ultimately, Riu Hotels is a company that has become highly successful due to its dedication to providing excellent customer service and comfortable accommodations. With over 100 hotels located around the world, they have managed to expand their reach while still staying true to their core values. As such, it’s no surprise that RIU Hotels is owned by TUI Group who also share these same values of excellence in hospitality and satisfaction for customers.

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