Who Owns the Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado is a historic beachfront hotel located in the city of Coronado, California. It is currently owned by the Blackstone Group, an American multinational private equity, investment banking and financial services firm based in New York City. The hotel was originally built by Elisha Babcock Jr. and Hampton L. Story in 1888 and has been operated as a luxury resort ever since it opened its doors to guests over 130 years ago.

The Blackstone Group purchased the hotel from KSL Resorts in 2006 for $750 million dollars after they had held ownership rights to it since 1998 following their acquisition of Western Pacific Corporation which previously owned the iconic property at that time.

The iconic Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California is owned by Sunstone Hotels & Resorts. It has been a popular destination for travelers since its opening in 1888 and has hosted many prominent guests over the years – from presidents to movie stars. Sunstone bought the hotel in 2003 and has invested heavily into its upkeep, ensuring that it continues to provide memorable experiences for all of its visitors.

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Hotel Del Coronado Ownership History

The Hotel Del Coronado has a long and storied ownership history. It was originally built in 1888 by Elisha Babcock Jr. and Hampton Story, who leased the land from the city of San Diego for ninety-nine years. In 1953, it was purchased by M. Larry Lawrence, who owned it until his death in 1996.

Since then, the hotel has been sold several times to different owners including KSL Recreation Corporation (1996), Blackstone Group LP (2006) and currently Strategic Hotels & Resorts LLC (2011).

How Much Did Hilton Buy Hotel Del Coronado?

Hilton Hotels & Resorts recently announced that it had acquired the iconic Hotel del Coronado for a reported $6.25 billion, making it one of the largest hotel purchases in history. Located on 28 oceanfront acres in San Diego, California, the historic resort first opened its doors to guests in 1888 and has since been featured in films like Some Like It Hot and hosted U.S. presidents and other world leaders over the years. Hilton is now taking stewardship of this landmark property with plans to upgrade and restore many of its original features while maintaining its unique character that has made it so beloved by generations of travelers around the world.

Do the Chinese Own the Hotel Del Coronado?

No, the Chinese do not own the Hotel del Coronado. The iconic hotel is owned by KSL Capital Partners, LLC., a private equity firm based in Denver, Colorado.

The company purchased the historic property from Blackstone Real Estate Advisors for $865 million back in 2011 and has been running it ever since. In addition to owning and operating the world-famous resort destination, KSL also owns other luxury properties such as Montage Hotels & Resorts and Canyon Ranch Living. Despite its current ownership structure, the Hotel del Coronado remains an important part of San Diego’s culture and history—it was designated as a National Historic Landmark back in 1977 due to its unique architecture and beautiful surroundings on Coronado Island near downtown San Diego.

From high-end dining options to picturesque beachfront views, visitors will be able to enjoy all that this incredible location has to offer no matter who owns it!

Who are the Owners of Coronado?

The owners of Coronado are a family-owned business that was founded in 1900 by the late Francisco Delgado and his wife, Maria. The two were originally from Mexico and moved to Coronado, California in search of a better life. From the beginning, they had a passion for creating quality products at prices that everyone could afford.

Today, their three sons continue to operate the company with the same commitment to excellence that their parents instilled in them so many years ago. All three brothers have extensive experience in manufacturing and design, ensuring that each product meets high standards of craftsmanship and performance. Their dedication is evident when you look at any piece made by Coronado – you can always count on it being attractive, reliable and affordable.

As one of the oldest businesses in San Diego County, Coronado has earned its place as an integral part of Southern California’s history and culture – something that every member of this wonderful family takes great pride in upholding!

Who was the Original Owner of the Hotel Del Coronado?

The original owner of the Hotel del Coronado was a savvy businessman named Elisha Babcock Jr. He constructed the hotel in 1888 as part of a group venture with two other investors, Hampton L. Story and H.L.F. Whitson, who served as its first general manager. In addition to his involvement in the hotel’s creation, Babcock also managed it for almost ten years following its grand opening on February 19th of that same year.

Prior to becoming an innkeeper, he had been involved in several business ventures including railroads and real estate investments throughout San Diego County — but none so successful or iconic as this one! His vision for what would become one of America’s most beloved beach resorts earned him a place not only in local history books but also within national consciousness; The Del has hosted U.S presidents from Grover Cleveland to Barack Obama and is featured prominently in films ranging from Some Like It Hot (1959) to The Stunt Man (1980).


The Hotel Del Coronado is a historic hotel with an amazing story. From its inception in the late 1800s to today, it has changed hands many times, but remains one of the most iconic hotels in San Diego and across the country. Today, The Blackstone Group owns the majority of shares for The Hotel Del Coronado and manages operations at this popular destination spot.

It’s clear that no matter who owns it or how often ownership changes hands, The Hotel Del Coronado will always remain a beloved landmark known for its special place in history and unique beauty.

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