Who Owns the Original Smokey And the Bandit Car

The original 1977 black Trans Am “Smokey and the Bandit” car is owned by National Parts Depot (NPD), a company based in Ocala, Florida. NPD purchased the movie car from Burt Reynolds’s estate in 2018. The truth is that when the movie was made there were actually three cars used for filming–one of which has since been destroyed.

NPD maintains all three vehicles, including the one known as “the hero” car which was used for close-up shots and stunts during filming. The other two are referred to as “stunt doubles”—cars that were modified with additional safety features such as roll cages, strengthened frames, etc. All three cars remain on display at NPD’s facility in Ocala, where they are available for viewing by appointment only.

The original 1977 Pontiac Trans Am used in the movie Smokey and the Bandit is now owned by collector Michael Dezer. He purchased it in 2006 for a reported $450,000 and has since restored it to its former glory. The car underwent extensive work including an engine rebuild, body restoration, and interior refurbishment before being placed on display at his Auto Museum of Florida.

This iconic piece of film history will be sure to bring joy to any fan who visits Dezer’s museum or gets a chance to see the beloved car up close!

Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit Auction

Smokey And the Bandit Car Horsepower

The iconic 1977 Pontiac Trans Am used in the movie Smokey and the Bandit has a 6.6 liter V8 engine with 200 horsepower. This car is a classic example of how muscle cars were able to provide impressive performance for their time, as it could reach speeds of up to 140 mph. The sound coming out of the dual exhaust pipes are enough to make any gearhead salivate!

Who Owns the Smokey And Bandit Car?

The iconic black and gold Pontiac Trans-Am that starred in the classic film Smokey and the Bandit is owned by none other than Burt Reynolds himself. The car was acquired when production wrapped for the movie and was kept by Reynolds until his death in 2018, at which point it passed on to his estate. In 2017, he sold it at a Barrett-Jackson auction for $450,000 with all proceeds going to charity.

While there have been replicas of this beloved car over the years, nothing can compare to this original — complete with an autograph from Reynolds himself — which has become a symbol of 70s Americana.

How Much Did the Original Smokey And the Bandit Car Sell For?

The original 1977 Pontiac Trans Am used in the movie Smokey and the Bandit sold at an auction for a whopping $550,000. The car was previously owned by Burt Reynolds, who played “Bandit” in the classic film. It had been kept safe and sound since it left the set of Smokey and The Bandit after filming wrapped up in 1977.

It proved to be quite a popular item during its time on auction as fans from around the world placed bids for this iconic piece of cinema history. After all was said and done, it went home with one lucky bidder for half a million dollars! This is just another example of how beloved this classic 1979 comedy remains today, even 43 years later!

How Many Smokey And the Bandit Cars are Left?

Smokey and the Bandit is a classic movie that has been beloved by fans for decades, and many people have wondered how many of the iconic cars from this movie still exist. The answer depends on what type of car you’re looking for. There are currently two Pontiac Trans Ams known to still exist — one owned by stuntman Hal Needham (who also directed the film) and another in private ownership.

Other than these, there were only three other Trans Ams used in filming: one was destroyed during a scene, another was sold off after production ended, and the third is believed to be located somewhere in California but its whereabouts remain unknown. As far as the black 1977 Ford F-150 trucks go – which were driven by Burt Reynolds’ character “Bandit” – it’s estimated that around 10 remain today with some being restored while others continue their original journey across America’s highways!

Where is the Original Smokey And Bandit Truck?

The original Smokey and the Bandit truck is a 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am that was used in the making of the classic movie, Smokey and the Bandit. The car was purchased by Universal Studios for use in the movie, but after filming wrapped up it disappeared from view. For years, fans of the film have been searching high and low to find out what happened to it.

As it turns out, after being sold by Universal Studios at some point during 1979-1980, it ended up with a private collector who had no idea about its history or significance until recently when he decided to restore it back to its former glory – complete with authentic decals and paint job! After undergoing an extensive restoration process over several months, this iconic piece of movie memorabilia has now become one of most sought-after collectibles among fans across America.


In conclusion, the original Smokey and the Bandit car is owned by Danny Keyes. He bought it in 1978 to use as a promotional item for his business, but has since kept it in tip-top condition. The classic car is now worth thousands of dollars due to its iconic status from the cult classic movie.

While many people are aware of who owns this unique vehicle, few know that its owner is an everyday businessman from North Carolina.

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