Who Owns the Yacht Attessa Iv

The yacht Attessa IV is owned by Dennis Washington, an American billionaire. He made his fortune in the construction and mining industries and has a net worth of over $6 billion according to Forbes Magazine. The yacht is registered in Seattle, Washington which is where Mr. Washington resides.

The vessel was built at Trinity Yachts in Alabama in 2004 and measures 116 meters (380 ft) long making it one of the largest yachts on record. It features eight decks with luxury accommodations such as a swimming pool, spa, gymnasium, cinema room and helipad among other amenities available for its guests and crew members alike.

The luxury yacht Attessa IV is owned by the billionaire businessman Dennis Washington. The 340-foot mega-yacht was built in 2006 and has been owned by Washington since 2008. It boasts an incredible array of amenities, including a helicopter landing pad, swimming pool, gymnasium with Jacuzzi, cinema room, beauty salon and spa area with sauna.

This stunning vessel can accommodate up to 18 guests in nine luxurious staterooms and offers complete comfort for all on board.

ATTESSA IV | A Billionaire’s Superyacht

Attessa Iv Helicopter

The Attessa IV helicopter is an advanced, luxurious aircraft that offers a unique blend of comfort and performance. It features twin engines and a spacious cabin with seating for up to eight passengers. The aircraft also has the latest in avionics, including GPS navigation systems, autopilot capabilities and ground proximity warning systems.

With its combination of power, luxury and safety features, it is no wonder why the Attessa IV helicopter is one of the most popular choices among private pilots today.

Where is the Attessa Iv Now?

The Attessa IV is a luxurious superyacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. The yacht was built in 1998 by the Dutch firm of Oceanco and has been refitted many times since then. It measures at a whopping 130 meters, making it one of the longest yachts in the world, and is equipped with all sorts of amenities such as two helipads, several Jacuzzis, swimming pools, and even its own submarine!

As for where it can be found now — that’s difficult to answer definitively. Due to its massive size and impressive features, the Attessa IV tends to roam around quite frequently; however it usually spends most of its time cruising around Mediterranean Sea ports like Monaco or Barcelona. Some reports suggest that it has also made appearances off the coast of Seattle (where Paul Allen lives), but this cannot be confirmed without further research.

In any case though — if you ever find yourself among those waters there’s always a chance you might spot this majestic vessel sailing through!

What Yacht Does Dennis Washington Own?

Dennis Washington is a well-known billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, who has been known to enjoy the finer things in life. One of those luxuries is owning his own yacht, which he bought back in 1998. The yacht is named Attessa IV, and it was originally built as an ocean-going tugboat for the US Navy.

It measures 163 feet long and 30 feet wide with a steel hull, making it one of the most impressive yachts on the water today. Inside its luxurious accommodations include six staterooms that are all outfitted with their own en suite bathrooms, plus two additional guest cabins for larger parties or overnight guests. There’s also plenty of room to relax and entertain aboard this beautiful boat; from its spacious main salon to several outdoor lounging areas perfect for enjoying sunny days while taking in breathtaking views along the way.

Attessa IV even comes equipped with its very own helicopter landing pad should you ever need a quick escape! Whether Dennis Washington wants to cruise up and down coastlines or take his friends out on day trips, this incredible vessel can do it all—making it easy to understand why he chose her as his private luxury yacht!

How Much is Attessa Worth?

Attessa is a private yacht owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. It is one of the largest and most luxurious yachts currently in existence, with some estimates placing its worth at over $200 million USD. The vessel boasts an impressive 500 feet of length and 11 guest suites, each featuring their own en-suite bathroom and shower, as well as an onboard gymnasium, movie theater, helicopter pad, swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Attessa’s exterior design was inspired by classic J Class Racing Yachts from the 1930s era while her interior was designed to reflect contemporary luxury living standards. With its state of the art amenities and sophisticated design elements it’s no surprise that this exquisite yacht has become one of the most sought after vessels for celebrities or royalty who wish to experience both opulence and privacy out on the open seas.

Who Owns Attessa Iii?

Attessa III is owned by Microsoft co-founder and billionaire philanthropist Paul Allen. Built in 2004, the superyacht weighs 7,000 tons and is one of the largest yachts ever built. It has an impressive length of 316 feet (96m) and a maximum speed of 17 knots with its two diesel engines.

Attessa III has five decks that feature a swimming pool, helipad on top deck, gymnasium, spa area as well as six guest rooms for up to 12 guests. The interior design was created by Jonathan Quinn Barnett who also designed some parts for other large yachts like Octopus owned by Paul G. Allen’s sister Jody Allen Patton or Rising Sun which belongs to Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

Who is the Captain of the Attessa Yacht?

The Attessa yacht is one of the most luxurious and iconic vessels in the world. The owner of this impressive vessel is Dennis Washington, a billionaire businessman from Montana. He has owned it since 1997 and currently uses it as his personal pleasure craft.

At the helm of this incredible boat is Captain John Kostecki, an experienced seaman with decades of experience on some of the most notable yachts in existence. With over 30 years in the maritime industry, he has amassed a wealth of knowledge on sailing and navigation techniques that have been instrumental in making every voyage aboard Attessa successful. His leadership style is described as calm yet authoritative; he provides clear instructions to his crew and ensures everyone’s safety at all times while respecting their individual skillsets so they can work together seamlessly for maximum efficiency during each journey.

As captain, John Kostecki holds ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all guests onboard have a safe but enjoyable time throughout their stay on board Attessa – something which he takes very seriously indeed!

Does Denzel Washington Own a Yacht?

Denzel Washington is one of the most popular and successful actors in Hollywood. With his success, many wonder if Denzel has splurged on a yacht to enjoy some luxurious days out at sea. While there have been rumors that he owns a yacht, nothing has ever been confirmed or reported about it.

However, even though he hasn’t officially owned one in the past, it’s possible that this could still change down the line as his wealth grows larger. Denzel may not currently own a yacht but it’s safe to say that with all of his success and money, he certainly could afford one if he wanted too!


In conclusion, although the original owner of the Attessa IV yacht is unknown, it has been maintained and owned by a few different people in its lifetime. It is currently owned by Dennis Washington who has made significant renovations to make it one of the most luxurious yachts ever built. Not only does this yacht boast amazing features such as an infinity pool, helipad and movie theater but it also offers breathtaking views from any spot onboard.

Its opulence makes it clear why so many have coveted ownership of this lavish boat for years!

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