Who Owns Triton Boats

Triton Boats is a privately-owned company founded in 1976 by Earl Bentz. The company’s headquarters are located in Ashland City, Tennessee and they have facilities across the United States as well as one facility in Canada. Triton currently manufactures bass boats, multi-species boats, saltwater fishing vessels and recreational pleasure craft.

It also offers additional services such as finance programs and boat maintenance. The current owners of Triton Boats are David and Bonnie Strickler who acquired the company from Earl Bentz in 1998. They continue to provide high-quality products that appeal to anglers of all levels through their commitment to safety, innovation, performance, quality materials and service excellence.

Triton Boats is an American owned, family-operated business that has been designing and manufacturing top quality boats since 1976. The company prides itself on its commitment to innovation and craftsmanship, as well as its dedication to customer satisfaction. Triton offers a wide variety of boats, from fishing vessels to pleasure crafts with features like advanced hull designs and innovative rigging systems.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out in the world of boating, Triton can provide you with the perfect vessel for your adventures on the water.

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Who Owns Skeeter Boats

Skeeter Boats is a company owned by the G3 Group, formerly known as Genmar Holdings. The G3 group owns several other well-known boat brands such as Ranger, Stratos and Triton, in addition to Skeeter. Founded in 1948 by Edgar Hazel of Kilgore Texas, Skeeter has become one of the most popular bass boat brands in America today.

Who is Triton Boats Owned By?

Triton Boats is a leading manufacturer of recreational and fishing boats, headquartered in Ashland City, Tennessee. Founded by Earl Bentz in 1996, Triton Boats offers the highest quality craftsmanship and design to create the greatest boating experience possible. Today, Triton Boats is owned by Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World Corporation which was established in 1972 by Johnny Morris.

Under the leadership of Bass Pro Shops and its parent company, Brunswick Corporation; Triton has become one of the most respected boat brands on the water today. They are committed to delivering superior performance with each and every boat they produce while also providing exceptional customer service that keeps their customers coming back for more. From freshwater bass boats to saltwater bay boats, all Triton models offer premium-grade construction utilizing cutting-edge technology like CAD/CAM engineering software for precise measurements as well as advanced composite materials for improved strength and durability over other traditional wooden or aluminum vessels.

With an eye towards innovation and excellence at every turn, it’s no wonder why so many anglers trust their time on the water with a Triton Boat!

How Much Did Earl Bentz Sell Triton For?

In 2005, Earl Bentz sold his boat manufacturing company Triton Boats for a reported $80 million. Founded in 1996, Triton was known for their high-end aluminum and fiberglass bass boats that featured innovations like large livewells and oversized casting decks. At the time of the sale to Brunswick Corporation, the largest maker of recreational boats in North America; Triton had become one of the most successful companies in its field with annual revenues estimated at around $110 million.

The acquisition gave Brunswick an entry into the higher end of competitive bass fishing market as well as access to new technology developed by Triton such as its patented hull design process. After selling his company, Bentz remained involved with it up until 2011 when he left his position as chairman and moved on to other ventures.

Are Triton Boats Made by Ranger?

No, Triton boats are not made by Ranger. Triton Boats is an independent boat manufacturer located in Ashland City, Tennessee with a history of building high-quality bass and multi-species fishing boats since 1996. They specialize in aluminum construction for maximum strength and durability, focusing on providing customers with the highest quality craftsmanship available.

All of their models feature cutting edge technology such as precision hulls that provide great stability and maneuverability while also maximizing performance. Additionally, they offer a number of custom options to tailor each boat to fit your specific needs without sacrificing style or quality. Whether you’re looking for tournament ready rigs or pleasure cruises around the lake, Triton has something for every angler out there!

When Did White River Marine Buy Triton?

White River Marine bought Triton in the year 2017. White River Marine, a well-known boat manufacturing company based out of Missouri, had been looking to diversify their product line and expand their operations for some time before they decided on acquiring Triton boats. The acquisition was beneficial for both companies – it allowed White River Marine to gain access to new markets while also providing Triton with additional resources and support that would help them grow even further.

With the addition of Triton’s high quality fishing boats, White River Marine was able to offer customers an even larger selection of products ranging from pontoon boats, aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats as well as jon boats – all backed by a trusted family owned business. By combining forces with Triton Boats, White River Marine has become one of the most popular brands in boating today and is continuing its mission of bringing top-notch craftsmanship along with excellent customer service to boat owners everywhere.


In conclusion, Triton Boats provide quality boats and equipment to their customers while providing excellent customer service. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the range of features they offer and the lengths they go to ensure that each boat is built to last. With a vast selection of fishing boats, pontoon boats, and accessories available for purchase, Triton Boats are sure to meet all your boating needs for years to come.

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