Who Owns the Everglade Yacht

The Everglade Yacht is owned by Miami-Dade County. The boat was purchased in 2009 from the previous owner, a local businessman, for approximately $3 million. It is operated as part of the county’s Parks and Recreation Department and serves primarily to provide recreational opportunities for residents.

In addition to providing cruises around Biscayne Bay and beyond, it also serves as an educational vessel offering lessons on topics such as water safety, navigation and marine biology. The yacht can be rented out for weddings, receptions or corporate events. All proceeds are used to maintain the vessel and fund other recreation programs within Miami-Dade County.

The Everglade Yacht is owned by the Miami-based real estate mogul and philanthropist, Jorge Perez. He purchased the yacht in 2017 from its original owner, a wealthy American businessman who had enjoyed cruising around the Caribbean for years. The Everglade Yacht is now part of a considerable fleet of luxury vessels that Mr. Perez owns and enjoys taking out on his travels to various ports and islands across the world.

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Who Owns the Yacht Wicked Cool?

The stunningly beautiful yacht, Wicked Cool, is owned by renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist Paul Allen. Originally constructed in 2003 for the astoundingly low price of $200 million USD, Wicked Cool has been a regular sight at elite ports around the world since its launch. It’s no wonder why; with an impressive length of over 414 feet (126 meters) and boasting amenities such as a cinema room, beauty salon, wine cellar and helicopter pad, this luxurious vessel was built to impress.

In addition to these lavish accommodations are many state-of-the-art features that make it one of the premier yachts on the market today – from satellite communications systems to full automation capabilities. The cherry on top? A professional crew consisting of 23 highly trained personnel who tirelessly tend to every aspect of life aboard this incredible yacht.

With all these features combined into one package, it is easy to see why Mr. Allen chose Wicked Cool as his go-to luxury vessel!

Who Owns the Entrepreneur Yacht?

The Entrepreneur Yacht is owned by the entrepreneur and business magnate, Philip Green. He acquired the vessel in 2006 for a reported £80 million from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The yacht has since become known as one of the most luxurious vessels ever built and it’s been featured in numerous publications such as Forbes Magazine, Business Insider and CNN Money.

The Entrepreneur Yacht features an impressive interior design with several lounges, dining areas, bedrooms and bathrooms that can accommodate up to 12 guests at once. It also boasts multiple Jacuzzis, a swimming pool on its deck level as well as two helipads located at opposite sides of the ship. Green’s lavish lifestyle aboard his luxury yacht has earned him much media attention over recent years; however he maintains that it is simply his passion for travel which brought him to purchase this magnificent vessel.

Aboard the Entrepreneur Yacht he continues to explore some of nature’s greatest wonders while relishing in all its extravagances along with friends and family members alike.

Who Owns Scott Yacht?

The Scott yacht is owned by the well-known business magnate and philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson. Branson purchased the superyacht in 1998 from an anonymous seller for a reported $10 million USD. The yacht was designed by Jon Bannenberg, one of the most respected naval architects in the world, who left his mark on some of history’s greatest yachts including Lady Moura, Octopus and Al Mirqab.

At 65 meters in length with five decks to explore, this majestic vessel offers ultimate luxury sailing experience with a top speed of 24 knots thanks to its two diesel engines producing 2200 kW each. Inside you can find all sorts of amenities such as a gymnasium, beauty salon and spa facilities along with numerous lounges and private cabins equipped with en suite bathrooms. There is also an outdoor pool located at main deck level surrounded by sunbathing areas while up top there’s plenty of space for entertaining guests or just enjoying your time relaxing under starry skies as you sail around spectacular destinations worldwide!

Who Owns Freedom Georgetown Yacht?

The Freedom Georgetown, a luxury yacht owned by the family of U.S. President Donald Trump, is currently moored in the harbor of Palm Beach, Florida. The yacht was originally commissioned in 1995 for businessman Gerald Tsai Jr., and was later sold to Donald Trump’s father Fred C. Trump Sr., who renamed it the “Trump Princess” after himself. It has since been re-christened as the Freedom Georgetown and is registered with Lloyds Register under that name since 2003 when ownership changed hands from the senior Mr. Trump to his son Donald J. Trump Jr., who now owns it outright today along with his siblings Ivanka and Eric Trump (or their trust).

This luxurious vessel measures 170 feet long, can accommodate 12 guests in 6 staterooms and 10 crew members on board; it boasts eight luxurious decks complete with Jacuzzi spa pool, teak decking & sunning area, outdoor dining spaces & wet bars perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing while taking a cruise around some of Florida’s most beautiful spots!


In conclusion, the Everglade Yacht is a stunning example of craftsmanship and sophistication. It is owned by an anonymous buyer who likely paid a hefty sum for this beautiful yacht. While there are many that could afford such a luxury, it’s always nice to know that something so gorgeous and powerful can belong to someone with enough resources to do so.

No matter who owns the Everglade Yacht, it remains one of the most impressive vessels in existence today.

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